tony hawk on his hello kitty phone


18 she him

viet bitrans syshost
i like coding & tekken
i love my partner and friends: franz <3 segasys bucky tamkeen moira cambria ari lea etc.

the phantom exterior like fish eggs interior like suicide wrist-red. I could exercise you, this could be your phys-ed. Cheat on your man homie AAGH I tried to sneak through the door man! Can't make it. Can't make it. Shit's stuck. Outta my way son! DOOR STUCK! DOOR STUCK! PLEASE! I BEG YOU! We're dead. You're a genuine dick sucker.

some tips:

I. readability over style. idc if that font/color looks better, if it's not readable (or god forbid, seizure inducing) then don't use it. this includes colorblind friendly palettes (see below)

II. try to use less obtrusive image/text effects.
III. keep mobile users in mind
IV. keep different browsers in mind. not every browser supports code heavy carrds the same

shit i use
question mark cursor (i forgot where i got it from OTL but i love it)
twitching effect
double text border
large links (smooth edition)
music player (player by glenthemes)

might get updated. no cred required sharing is caring <3